Tamagawa University, Research Institute
Advanced Intelligence & Robotics Research Center

Our world is the result of “technology” originating from the dreams and desires of the human imagination. The “robots” of our imaginary world have crossed into the world of reality at the breakneck pace of technological progress, dramatically improving the productivity of human labor that has underpinned growth in our societies.

Our entry into the 21st century has kicked off debate on the feasibility of achieving “artificial intelligence”. This debate is expected to be coupled with uneasiness over the potential for man-made intelligence to surpass our own limitations, inverting the existing relationship between humankind and technology and blinding us to the arrival of a society where technology is smarter than ourselves.

A future in which there is wide spread use of robots and artificial intelligence necessitates a society where humans live and work together with “technology”. It is therefore vital that this society is one where diverse values are acknowledged and respected by all.

Our research center pursues research to support the creation of human-centered social intelligence through the key areas of artificial intelligence, cognitive sciences and robot technologies in an effort to help bring about a society created through harmony of diverse values. It is our goal to create a society in which mankind lives and works together with “technology”. By investigating “technologies” that can contribute to a society where happiness is achieved through active involvement we are working to bring about the harmony of humankind and technology.

  • Human-Machine Collaboration Through Symbol Emergence in Robotics
  • Understanding Construction of Human Intelligence to Achieve Perceptual Symbol Systems
  • Research on Business Models Related to AI and Robotics
  • From STEM to STREAM, Investigating Logical and Practical Foundations for STEM Education
    Tamagawa University, STREAM Hall 2019